**AcousticLightSails**The new product from movis-design on the theme of acoustics and light


Are you looking for perfect lighting conditions, optimal acoustics and a visually attractive design for you and your employees? With its AcousticLightSails product line, movis-design offers the perfect complement to movis-design wall installations.

Whether for offices, conference rooms or lobbies, AcousticLightSails represent a perfect synthesis of light and acoustic concepts.

By choosing AcousticLightSails, you are opting for a technically advanced ceiling system that was developed with the participation of reputable acoustic material producers, light designers and technical developers. You can choose among nine lighting varieties for the kind of light that you want.

Ultra-efficient, sound absorbing material combined with integrated LED lights ensure ideal lighting conditions and guarantee that every workspace has the best acoustics and a maximum of comfort. The result isn’t just a healthy work environment, but also a setting that helps your employees to concentrate and work at the peak of their abilities.

We are happy to help you with your unique planning needs when it comes to designing your offices, lobbies or conference rooms.

Your space problems are our challenges. Custom-designed technical and optical solutions are our specialty.

From planning to installation and approval, movis-design offers solutions to your complex light and acoustic problems – all from a single source.

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